Baby Blue Flower Kimono Blazer


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Really cosy and romantique oversize Blazer.

Collector pieces are one of a kind; a unique chance to wear garment made for your individuality. The vision of the label is to give people the opportunity to express their individuality and spontaneity.

Tata Christiane is a transcript of constant day dreaming. A willingness to push the internal boundaries of what should be done or not. A look inside us, a search of freedom, freedom in creation, in being in the world. A constant and relentless exploration of the imagination to enter a dialogue with people and the world.

The unique pieces are made in our studio in Berlin with care, time and pleasure of creativity.

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30% Cotton Organique 36% Polyester 19% Viscose 15% Acrylique

Icones is a gentle collection based on flexible shapes that are built around collages of magazines and photos. The colors are creamy and tender, comfortable and warm. Jacquard fabrics are made in France. The embroidery is done in collaboration with Mercerie Sauvage, a French embroiderer based in Berlin and the knitting work in collaboration with a French knitter. This collection “Icons” is a collection of softness, dreaming with a certain shift in the codes of femininity and construction of the volumes. A mixture of classic and avant-garde.