Yellow and Silver Hand Crochet Plastron

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Strapless strapless dress. The strapless is crocheted in 3D on a mesh base. The bottom of the dress is in front of a print on cotton. Hand-drawn black on white and the back of the skirt is in silver lamé fabric. Totally hand crocheted, it is a 3D volume crochet technique developed on our High End pieces. Buttoning on the back with vintage pearl buttons. Atypical and elegant and sexy women’s evening dress . Crossover Streetwear and Boho Chic. Length at the ankle. Neckline plunging into the back. Feat M Size.

Collector pieces are one of a kind; a unique chance to wear garment made for your individuality. The vision of the label is to give people the opportunity to express their individuality and spontaneity.

Tata Christiane is a transcript of constant day dreaming. A willingness to push the internal boundaries of what should be done or not. A look inside us, a search of freedom, freedom in creation, in being in the world. A constant and relentless exploration of the imagination to enter a dialogue with people and the world.

The unique pieces are made in our studio in Berlin with care, time and pleasure of creativity.

Size M

Polyester, Cotton, lurex and PVC

Dreaming Public is inspired by the architecture book “Going Public” as we could apply it to fashion.

“The architecture of the last several decades was shaped by the need for individual representation and demarcation. Today, a growing countermovement is focusing on the development of public space as a means to get people together in order to exchange ideas or share experiences. Going Public presents a compelling international selection of extraordinary current architectural projects in public space. Their objectives are as diverse as the structures themselves and range from providing recreational or cultural opportunities to facilitating social interaction. As the industrial age has evolved into the information age, our cities have developed new potential. In the past, churches and marketplaces were the focus of our social lives. Today, however, different types of community centers are being established. In addition to the transformation of existing public squares, parks, and pavilions, original projects such as community gardens, outdoor movie theaters, temporary installations, and other cultural venues are being built. Thus, in the hearts of our cities―but also on their peripheries―a new kind of public space is being defined. Innovative solutions are even being found for ubiquitous features of urban life such as benches, bicycle racks, and bus stops. Going Public also showcases work that leads us out of our cities and into the countryside. Contemporary versions of hideouts, observation towers, viewing platforms, and self-guided trails use public space differently than their more traditional counterparts and expand our possibilities for experiencing our natural surroundings and landscapes. The architecture featured in Going Public may range from bold to subtle, but all of it is innovative and surprising.”




Printed, White


S, M, L, XL, XXL

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