Cabin Fever at Berlin Fashion Week 2011

Cabin Fever at Berlin Fashion Week 2011

Cabin Fever at Berlin Fashion Week 2011 is the unique pieces Collection based on up-cycled leather left overs, Vintage recycled and Crochet patchwork, Iqôn in Cabin Fever.

Show 1811 is an avant-garde during Berlin Fashion Week 2011, presenting refined cuts, innovative ideas.
With the young designers :
Moon Berlin, Rocio, Moga E Mago, Tata Christiane, Mila Miyara, Von Bardonitz.
The show took place at Tacheles, perfect location for the event within a little goody bag that contained popcorn.

There were two things I found particularly nice about the evening.

Cabin Fever at Berlin Fashion Week 2011 was feating totally to the atmosphere of Tacheles. Doing the show in Tacheles was something really special. Because this building is a big part of the Berlin and German History. The Tacheles was one of the most famous squats in Berlin, Germany, occupied from 1990 to 2012 by artists. Once part of the Jewish neighborhood of Scheunenviertel near the synagogue, it was originally called Friedrichstadtpassagen. After being used as a Nazi prison, the building was reappropriated by artists who named it “Tacheles” (“straight talk” in Yiddish). The building was used as an artistic venue under constant pressure from the government to close it. It was evacuated on September 4, 2012. The garden at the back of the building is still open to the public and hosts a permanent exhibition of metal sculptures as well as workshops for painters and sculptors.

Cabin Fever, beside this, was featured in Vogue Italia. What a honor!



Photography: Christophe Wehrer (Berlin)
Location: Berlin
1811 Show - Berlin Fashion Week
Year: 2011