About Tata Christiane – Unveiling the Artistry of Street Costume and Deconstructed Couture

Welcome to Tata Christiane, where fashion meets the extraordinary. We offer a unique and unconventional vision of beauty, embracing eccentricity, extravagance, and immoderation. Our fashion label blurs the lines between elegance and rebellion, breathing new life into forgotten memories and recycling the remnants of our civilization.


A Monomania of Style

Tata Christiane is a journey through the avant-garde, a meticulously crafted blend of the monstrous and the sublime. It’s as if punk, ambiguity, and royalty converged, giving birth to a one-eyed flutist, a gypsy woman, and a street child. Our fashion is not bound by gender, age, or social norms—it’s for everyone.


Born in Berlin, Redefined Globally

Founded in 2007 by Julie Bourgeois and Gabriel Santini, Tata Christiane is a Berlin-based fashion label. We release two collections every year, along with a continuous stream of in-house collectors and unique pieces. Our core values revolve around individuality, humor, fun, and fantasy, all harmoniously intertwined with a slow and ethical approach to fashion.

Tata Christiane primarily operates online, allowing us to reach a global audience. In addition to our online presence, Tata Christiane products are available through a network of carefully selected stockists. These stockists can be found in various locations, making it possible for you to explore and purchase our collections in person.

For a list of our physical stockists and their locations, please visit our Stockists Page.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Our production process is a labor of love, characterized by meticulous handcrafting and a commitment to regional production practices. We take pride in utilizing a diverse range of fabrics and techniques. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, as we focus on ecological materials, recycled textiles, up-cycling techniques, small quantities, vintage fabrics, and the resurrection of forgotten originals from hidden corners of cities.

A Poetic Collage of Fashion

Our original prints, cuts, and fabrics are born from the art of poetic collage. We seamlessly integrate deconstructed couture into contemporary streetwear, redefining the boundaries of fashion with every creation.

At Tata Christiane, fashion is not just clothing; it’s a statement, an art form, and a testament to the boundless creativity of human expression. Join us in embracing the extraordinary and breaking free from the constraints of conventional style. Explore our collections and unique pieces, and be a part of a fashion revolution that celebrates individuality and sustainability.

Dive into our world and experience Tata Christiane—where absurdity and artistry collide.

Discover Our Collections

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“Explore Tata Christiane’s Biannual Collections”

At Tata Christiane, we create biannual collections, designed for both the spring-summer and fall-winter seasons.

Unique Pieces Inspire Trends

Our collection trends are deeply influenced by the essence of Tata Christiane’s unique pieces. These unique creations serve as the wellspring of inspiration, bringing together a rich palette of colors, raw materials, and bespoke prints and patterns that we craft in-house.

Vibrant Diversity in Every Collection

Our collections are a reflection of the unique pieces’ mindset. You’ll discover a vivid tapestry of colors, the use of raw and sustainable materials, and a touch of self-made prints that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Global Distribution

Tata Christiane’s collections are not confined by borders. We distribute our collections in various countries, including Japan, China, USA and our home base, Germany. Our global reach allows us to share our artistic vision and unique creations with a diverse and international audience.

In a world where accessibility is widespread, embracing an offbeat and strong individuality is the way to stand out. Tata Christiane’s collections celebrate the diversity that sets us apart. Explore our collections and be part of the global expression of uniqueness.

For more information or inquiries about our collections, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


“Our Unique Pieces and Collector Series: A Tale of Handcrafted Creativity”

At Tata Christiane, our unique pieces and collector series are lovingly handcrafted in our studio in Berlin. Every creation is a product of care, time, and the sheer pleasure of creativity.

Collector Pieces – A Zero Waste Philosophy:

Our collector pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. We passionately embrace a zero waste philosophy and an ethical approach to fashion. We achieve this by up-cycling all leftovers from our collections and seamlessly blending small fabric coupons and vintage fabrics. The result is a circular production process, entirely taking place within our Berlin studio.

Expressing Your Deep Personality:

Our label’s vision goes beyond fashion; it’s about giving individuals the opportunity to express their profound personality and spontaneity. Our creations aren’t just a reflection of daydreams but a deliberate effort to push internal boundaries, offering a glimpse into our inner selves and a quest for freedom—freedom in the act of creation and in our existence in the world.

Constant Exploration of Imagination:

In essence, Tata Christiane is engaged in a continuous and unyielding exploration of the imagination, aiming to initiate a dialogue with people and the world. We firmly believe that fashion is a form of art, one that should reach deep within us and awaken our true selves. It’s more than just clothing; it’s emotional and handcrafted.

Sustainability and Quality:

Our commitment to sustainability in fashion is unwavering. We achieve the highest quality through the craft of handmade work, following a family-business model and engaging in small regional production.

Tata Christiane is a place where creativity, sustainability, and quality converge, and where each piece tells a unique story. If you have more questions or would like to explore our creations, feel free to reach out.

Discover our current unique pieces!

“Our Unique Stand in the Fashion World”

  • Introducing a New Category – Contemporary Street Costume: At Tata Christiane, we proudly champion a new category in the fashion market known as “Contemporary Street Costume.” This is where the worlds of contemporary art and fashion seamlessly intertwine. In essence, it represents a deconstructed vision of couture that dares to break boundaries and redefine fashion.
  • Embracing Slow Fashion and Sustainability: Renowned fashion commentator Nina Helleboid has coined our creations as “14 eco-responsible clothes that even Carrie Bradshaw would wear in 2021.” While the fashion world often gravitates toward luxury brands, we, like Carrie, seek out lesser-known designers to craft a unique look. Tata Christiane, the Berlin-based French designer, exemplifies a designer who shares a similar ethos. We transform the “waste of our civilization” into “monstrous and sublime” creations that are truly one-of-a-kind—making them the Rolls Royce of upcycling.
  • A Profound Connection to Art: Our pieces transcend mere clothing; they are unique works of art filled with intricate details. Drawing inspiration from literature, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and installations, they offer a deeper and more meaningful experience. Our creations appeal to individuals with a spiritual disposition who seek an emotional connection with their fashion. Furthermore, we extend our creative expression to music and literature because we believe in the broader significance of fashion beyond mere clothing. Collaboration with other artists, participation in exhibitions, and involvement in art events further underscore our strong connection to the world of art.

At Tata Christiane, we invite you to explore fashion that goes beyond the ordinary, where art and individuality unite to create something extra-ordinary. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our unique approach to fashion, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Valquire Veljkovic – Robert Bartholot Madame Peripétie – Jun Kim – Viviana Druga –Fredrik Altinell – Daria Marchik – Pierre Redon – Emilie Delugeau – Damien Vignaux – Elisa Cuccinelli – Daniel Lathwesen – Olivier Panama – France Fiction – Sonia Koumskoff – Wuhzen Theater, etc.

– Real Individuality

Finally we give the opportunity to express to authentic, spiritual people. Because we  don’t need to follow temporary fashion trends but our own identity. Like Individuality, personality, character, beliefs, taste mirrors a broad range of styles, textures, colors and patterns.

Worn By:

Moderat – Deichkind – Peaches – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Miss Platnum – Offrin – You say party – Lexy & K.Paul – Bonaparte – Ebony Bones –  OY Mary OcherWR2Old – Plateau repas – Aniaetleprogrammeur – Sebastien Tellier – Joey Ma… and all my lovely customers.

Fashion Week and Events:

Who’s Next – Berlin Showroom – Berlin Alternative Fashion Week – Vietnam International Fashion Week – Harbin Fashion Week –  Silk Road International Fashion Week – Open My Med Prize – Paris Fashion Week – FashionClash Maastricht.  See more here.

The collections are presented Paris Fashion Weeks at the DACH- Berlin Showroom and on Tranoi Link but also during Tokyo Fashion Week at the Wut Showroom.

About Julie Bourgeois

Born in Marseille in 1980, after a DEA in Modern Literature and a Licence in Philosophy, I moved to Berlin in 2007.
In parallel to my studies, I taught myself to sew. My mother taught me to crochet at a very young age. I had to make my first bonnet for myself at the age of 12. At the same time of my university, I did some internships in Paris at Mine Barral Verges, Opera Bastille with Goury, and by the Marseille Paris based Designer Christine Palmaccio.

Later I started by making costumes for small theater and circus companies in Paris. Then I started to market a line of crochet accessories that were distributed for a few seasons in Japan by Abahouse International.

Finally I fall in Love with Berlin when I visited the first time in 2006. In 2007, I decide to move.

I worked for three years in a semi-gastronomic restaurant while I created the Tata Christiane label. Little by little, I started with collections of unique pieces. In 2011, the buyer of WUT store in Tokyo, Yann Le Goec, discovered me at a designer market in Berlin. He gave me a chance. For more than ten years I have been working with him and his distribution company HP France for the Japan market.
I still live and love living and creating in Berlin.

In 2020-2021, I received one the 13 scholarships from the Maison Mode Méditerranée Endowment Fund, on Tech, Craft & Care values. It is thanks to this fund in particular that we have been able to redesign our website in order to improve the experience of the visit but also to allow you to discover or rediscover the history of our label.



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