End-of-season sale 40% off storewide

*until end of February

End-of-season sale 40% off storewide

*until end of February

Tata Christiane is a Slow Fashion Brand based in Berlin creating collections and unique Pieces. We offer hand made In House production for all the unique pieces and all the original prints we have been developing since 10 years.


Dolls Blossom is a collection that refers to the extraordinary and worldwide history of dolls. Archaeology has located the doll object as the very first toy.

It has a history in all countries and cultures of the world, sometimes a simple object of pleasure, representation and reduction of the human image, symbolization of values or social or religious functions, sometimes simply a toy.

But its very varied functionality offers a parallel and mirror history of humanity, as well as an illustration of the evolution of techniques and practices. Industrialized or handmade, any doll can give rise to a beginning of a collection that will be oriented with research and according to taste: wood, cookie, porcelain, papier-mâché, celluloid, rhodoid, wax, felt, fabric or plastic, terracotta. They have also been ambassadors of fashion, for example in France.

But they are also sometimes objects of oppression and sometimes learning tools to promote cultural and ethnic diversity. We would like to retain their ability to open the mind to more tolerance to the richness of human diversity and equality, curiosity towards otherness.

The story of the doll is a door of learning and discovery and a way to enrich its knowledge of the extreme richness of different civilizations and what we have in common and what makes each civilization, each people special.

The valorization of the diversity of dolls and bodies is thus seen as a means to fight against discriminatory practices.

And Blosson because it is a spring summer collection and it is the perfect time to provide pollen to pollinators such as bees and initiate cross-pollination necessarry to reproduce and producing fruit, to regenarate.



Dolls Blossom


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