Postcards from a Future Island

Season - Spring Summer 2024
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Postcards from a Future Island

Postcards from a Future Island

Spring-Summer 2024 Collection by Tata Christiane

Inspired by the enchanting concept of “Postcards from a Future Island,” this collection takes you on a journey through time, melding pastel hues, acidulic tones, and a touch of surrealism with a bestiary of our favorite animals.

Recently on vacation, I couldn’t find any postcards to buy to send to my family. They were replaced by a whole collection of stickers for fridges, keyrings, and various objects, etc., but nothing to convey the experience in personal words. I began to revisit the postcards I’d like to receive from a future island.

A Fusion of Colors and Tones

Follow us in a world where pastels meet vivid acidulic shades, where the sun-drenched hues of a distant future island are brought to life in your wardrobe.

Our Spring-Summer 2024 Collection, Postcards from a Future Island draws its color palette from the vibrant landscapes of this imagined paradise, infusing your attire with an array of shades that evoke both nostalgia and innovation.

From soft lavender to zesty citron, from delicate blush to electrifying turquoise, our palette celebrates the spectrum of emotions that color can evoke.

Digital IA Prints and Analogique Hand Drawings

In an era defined by technological novelties and potentiels, we bring the synergy between the digital realm and the artistry of the human hand.

Postcards from a Future Island

Our collection proudly showcases intricate prints that fuse the precision of digital intelligence with the soulful imperfections of hand drawings.

Picture garments adorned with surreal motifs that seem to come alive as if straight from a dream. These prints reflect the dual nature of our times – where the tangible and the virtual coexist in a beautiful dance of creativity.

Postcards from a Future Island

A Touch of Surrealism

Transcending the boundaries of reality, our Postcards from a Future Island Collection incorporates elements of surrealism that transport you to the realms of imagination with our dreamy bestiary and childhood spieces.

Surrealism infuses every piece with an aura of the unexpected. As you don our designs, you become a part of this captivating narrative, walking the fine line between the known and the extraordinary.


Lolita meets Elegance

Postcards from a Future Island embodies the delicate balance between two distinctive styles – the youthful innocence of Lolita and the timeless sophistication of elegance. Our designs pay homage to the playful charm of Lolita fashion, while simultaneously embracing the refined allure of elegance. The result is a collection that transcends age and appeals to those who seek to express themselves with a touch of whimsy and an undercurrent of grace.

Influence of Clarice Cliff: A Tribute to Heritage

Honoring the artistic legacy of the 20th century ceramic artist Clarice Cliff, our Spring-Summer 2024 Collection, Postcards from a Future Island, pays homage to her iconic fusion of bold patterns and vibrant colors.

Postcards from a Future Island

Just as Cliff’s work broke conventions and brought a new energy to traditional ceramics, our collection channels that spirit of innovation. The echoes of her artistic bravery resonate in our designs, infusing them with a sense of history and contemporaneity.

Postcards from a Future Island

In conclusion, our Spring-Summer 2024 Collection, “Postcards from a Future Island,” is an ode to the harmony between tradition and innovation, the real and the surreal, and the past and the future. We invite you to join us on this journey through time, color, and imagination, as we celebrate fashion as a medium of self-expression, exploration, and art.

Photography: Valquire Veljkovic
Makeup: Yana Yakubenok
Model(s): Lavinia