Collector - Autumn Winter 2019-2020

Madone is the Collectors Collection issued of the up-cycling process of left overs of the Autumne Winter Collection 2019-2020, Infinite Madone.

Madone  and Infinite Madone

This collection of unique pieces is an emphases of the seasonal collection Infinite Madone.

The latter was inspired by a poem by Charles Beaudelaire,
Sometimes it speaks and says: “I am fair, I command
That for your love of me you love only Beauty;
I am your guardian Angel, your Muse and Madonna.”
(Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil, “What will you say tonight, poor lonely soul,” 1857, translated by William Aggeler)
For this winter 2019, we want something very soft but still strongly feminine. An exacerbated and comfortable femininity that seems to come from a suspended and eternal time.

Madone, a unique pieces Collection

The unique pieces and series are hand made in our studio in Berlin with care, time and pleasure of creativity.

ollector pieces are one of a kind. It follows a zero waste philosophy and ethic of fashion, by up-cycling all left overs from the collections and by mixing smalls coupons or vintage fabrics. A circular production completely made in our studio in Berlin.

The vision of the label is also to give people the opportunity to express their deep personality and spontaneity. Not only a transcript of constant day dreaming, but also a willingness to push the internal boundaries. Furthermore a look inside us, a search of freedom, freedom in creation and in being in the world.

In essence, a constant and relentless exploration of the imagination to enter a dialogue with the people and the world. “Fashion is art – it has to touch, wake up our real selves. It’s more than just clothes, it’s emotional and handcrafted.

Sustainability in fashion and quality achieved by craft, handmade work in the family-business-model and small regional production.

Madone, Crochet and Creative Patchwork

In this collection I worked with very small scraps of fabric from the production of the Autumn Winter collection. With these small scraps I set up a random network of patchworks that guide the shape and cut of the pieces. It is a very creative technique but it also allows me not to cut anything, not to throw anything away. This technique is based on the irregularity of scraps and uses them as a source of inspiration and creation.

Creativity emerges from the constraint and gives birth to particular and surprising volumes.

In this collection we also have crochet pieces with a 3D crochet technique that is mounted on a grid. Inspired by the animals of the Chinese horoscope, here you will find the Rabbit and the Tiger.

And finally, this collection uses the technique of overcycling, which consists of recovering materials or products that are no longer in use in order to transform them into materials or products of superior quality or utility. It is therefore a question of recycling “from above”. This collection features creative knitwear samples by designer Cécile Feilchenfeldt.



Photography: HAGA
Model(s): Clara
Location: Berlin, Lichtenberg
Year: 2019-2020