Iqôn In Cabin Fever at Fashionclash 2011

In 2011, I presented for the second time my Collection, Iqôn In Cabin Fever,  at FashionClash Maastricht.

FashionClash is an interdisciplinary showcase and development platform for fashion & fashion culture and a worldwide network of emerging fashion makers.

For the show, I worked with a musician, Aniaetleprogrammeur. He composed a piece based on the frequency of the heartbeat, and infra-basses. All the models wore hundreds of little bells on their parts.
The atmosphere of this show for me was very special because of the silence and the concentration in the moment.

For this show too, I made a series of head pieces, this time in collaboration with the multi-talented artist, Chief of Nothing.

Iqôn in Cabin Fever Is an Unique pieces Collection based on up-cycled leather left overs, Vintage recycled and Crochet patchwork.

This collection is inspired by a journey in Kiev with Russian photographer Daria Marchik to participate in the Gogol festival and by the meeting of the Russian top model Danila Polyakov, the icon of crazy and melancholic fashion. Iqôn in Cabin fever is a proposition of the mixture of icons religious and pop icons. Cabin fever is the title of a piece of Brian Jonestown Massacre, the feeling of claustrophobia and cutting off on itself.

Iqôn In Cabin Fever put in perspective of this game of images, and the iconoclastic conflict. The attention on detail, simplicity of the port and bearing, casualness and humor. The paradox between the peace and the internal light appropriate for the icon,  that is appropriate for every person, and its confrontation with the outside which sometimes confines him in a kind of madness of inadequacy.
The uniqueness of the icon and its work handmade in a workshop is a reference for the realization of unique pieces in the fashion.

About FashionClash

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Photography: Peter Stigter
Location: Fashion Clash Maastricht 2011
Year: 2011