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The Artchemists: “Tata Christiane : une mode pétulante qui secoue ses fanfreluches à l’international”

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of discovering on the publication The Artchemists the very personal and original article about Tata Christiane, written by Dauphine De Cambre, one of the articles that I have enjoyed the most so far.

This article is by the journalist Dauphine De Cambre. Great lover of high fashion, design, decoration, Dauphine de Cambre is the resident fashionista, expert in lifestyle, beautiful objects, gastronomy for The Archemists magazine. She loves to hunt for trends and detect young designers.

The article of The Artchemists is in French, so I wanted to share it here in English to invite you to discover this publication and its team of journalists and authors.

“Tata Christiane: a petulant fashion that shakes up its frills internationally

Saint Vivienne Westwood, pray for us! At a time when you’ve just joined the paradise of high fashion troublemakers, the punk spirit you carried remains alive and well and continues to inspire stylists’ vocations and fashion collections. Thus the models of Tata Christiane.
Reinventing the amplitude of forms

Tata Christiane: behind this cute little name that smells like family, but with a touch of transgression (we all know the initiatory side of our tatas, whether it’s to do her first makeup, wear her first perfecto, go to a demonstration or a rock concert), we find the tandem Julie Bourgeois / Gabriel Santini. And a petulant fashion that shakes its petticoats and its frills from Marseille to Berlin.

A petulant fashion, colorful and unbridled, which refuses the diktat of the second skin and the costumes close to the body to reinvent the amplitude of the forms, in a stream of flounces and frills. Body positive then, gender fluid, and very focused on the cocktail of influences and cultures: the label Tata Christiane is clearly the mixture: African boubou, Japanese kimono, Moroccan caftan, low waist dress of the 20s, ballerina tutu, South American poncho …

Totally crazy and charming outfits

Slow fashion in the spirit, Tata Christiane’s creations are mostly unique pieces (there are also series), upcycled from old fabrics, old sweaters, vintage clothes… Dresses, tops, pants, hoodies, scarves, bags, you can also find quite funny prints. There is something for all tastes, all desires, all budgets, all personalities … We will try the total look for some, the use of a single piece in a more wise set. Everything is possible, except the banality.


What is certain is that this assertive style seduces almost everywhere on the surface of the globe, even in China and Japan. A success story that began in 2007 and seems to know no brakes. We could even say that these street suits are in the air of time and stick perfectly to the expectations, this need for freedom, the will to transgress the rules of elegance to better reinvent them.

And more if affinities

To find out more about the world of Tata Christiane, her creations, her news,

visit the brand’s website and Instagram account.”

Published in The Artchemists, 19 January 2023

The Artchemists
Year: 19 January 2023