Thai Silk 6 Looks

Thai Silk 6 Looks, Inspiration

For this series of Thai Silk 6 looks my inspiration is in rhizome in the philosophical sense of Deleuze. “I was trying in my previous books to describe a certain exercise of thought; but to describe it was not yet to exercise thought in that way. (In the same way, to shout “long live the multiple” is not yet to do it, it is necessary to do the multiple.” 1977, in Dialogues, Deleuze

Thai Silk 6 Looks First branch:

I never make any drawings beforehand of my creations. Most of my work is based on uniques pieces and my approach is to the material itself. I don’t start with an idea before I meet the material. First I observe and feel it. In this case the traditional Thai silk.

The creation of those Thai Silk 6 looks tends to pay homage to the fabric above all, through the work of volume, but also the setting in vibration of the colors, the repetition of the patterns or inspiration in mirror. It is rather a sculptural and a modeling approach.

The contribution of crochet work enhances the textures and materials. On the other hand my cutting approach is based on a zero waste approach. Most of my pattern making is based on straight lines, strips, squares and triangles. The scraps are minimal, the integrity of the fabric is kept to a maximum in the final garments of Thai Silk 6 looks.

Thai Silk 6 Looks Second branch:

The chromatic color range. In my work the colors are in the center even before the form of the clothing. I try like a painter to make the colors resonate with each other. The traditional Thai silk offers an intense chromatic palette, incredibly vibrant.

For this series I wanted to put in tune the colors of the landscapes of Provence, my region of origin, its forms and reliefs with the chromatic palette of Thai Silk. Light is caught in the very technique of weaving Thai silk and in the very nature of the silk fiber.

By manipulating the fabric, this light appears at every moment, revealing the nuances of the colors. This offers the same effect as sunlight in a landscape.

Thai Silk 6 Looks Third branch:

Celebration of the royal origin of traditional Thai silk. An approach of the dress as a ceremonial dress mixing influences of the traditional Provencal and Occitan dress by adding a dimension of ceremonial dress close to royalty.

Indeed there is a lot of similarity in the craft and the precision of the work between the traditional and popular clothes and the royal clothes, which finds its source in high end craftsmanship.

One of the Look for the Opening Gala has to be inspired by the origin country. Here is my version of Provencal costum with Thai Silk.

Thai Silk 6 Looks Fourth branch:

By an effect of synchronicity it happens that the invitation to represent France during the International Thai silk Fashion Week coincides with a expected collaboration of Tata Christiane for costumes from traditional Thai fabrics on the Opera Documentary of Pierre Redon, “The 9 Gods Emperors”.

Indeed Pierre Redon (with whom I have already worked in the past for costumes) is already for several months in Thailand to realize his documentary film “The 9 Gods Emperors” which takes place in Thailand and mainly in Phuket around the vegetarian festival. This film is the preamble to the staging and creation of an Opera of the same titel in 2024.

This film has just been nominated for the Bangkok International Documentary Award this December 2022. “At the Phuket vegetarian festival in Thailand, the mediums are possessed by deities who take over their bodies to dialogue with the faithful.

Pla, Phuket’s first transgender medium, reveals the backstage of the festival through her story and the difficulties of her social integration. In the form of a documentary opera, musicians and characters appear on the screen in dreamlike settings to tell us the lives of the deities, the founding myths of the festival and their own stories.

The 9 Gods Emperors is a musical film resolutely baroque between tradition and postmodernity.” A large part of the costumes will be realized by Pla herself and a priori another part by Tata Christiane. This possible future collaboration was also a great inspiration for the work of the 6 Looks for the Internation Thai Silk Fashion Week.

Thai Silk 6 Looks, work in progress

I documented most of the process when I could. I hope you ll enjoy!


Photography: Tata Christiane
Model(s): Pla
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Pierre Redon, International Thai Silk Fashion Week, Vegetarian Festival Phuket
Year: 2022-2024