Fashion Council Germany



“Exciting News: Tata Christiane Joins Fashion Council Germany for a Sustainable Fashion Future”

“We are thrilled to announce that Tata Christiane is now a proud member of the Fashion Council Germany!

About Fashion Council Germany (FCG):

Founded in January 2015 in Berlin, FCG e.V. is a key patron dedicated to fortifying the German fashion and design landscape. With a vision for a future that is both visionary and sustainable in a global market, FCG serves as an advocate for German design, supporting young designers and promoting cultural and economic assets.

The council focuses on Education, Sustainability, and Fashion Technology, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and networking.


In pursuit of these goals, the Fashion Council engages in vital lobbying efforts within politics, business, and culture. Their work aims to increase visibility and underscore the global significance of German fashion design and production on both national and international stages.

Fashion Council Germany and European Union:

Aligning with the ‘New European Bauhaus’ initiative introduced by President Ursula von der Leyen in September 2020, the Fashion Council Germany, in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt, is set to organize the conference ‘The New European Bauhaus – Werkstatt der Zukunft.’ This event will feature a manifesto calling for systematic change within the fashion industry, with a primary focus on sustainability, crafts, digitalization, and technology.”




Location: Berlin
Sylwana Zybura & Jacob Tillmann, Berlin Showroom
Year: 2022