Les Enfants Du Béton Amer

Collector - Autumn Winter 2007-2008

Les Enfants Du Béton Amer, First Steps.

Les Enfants Du Béton Amer is the first Fall Collection – Series of unique pieces.
Subtly coded disorder of the mixture in incongruous assemblages. The carelessness of associations and their sophistication, born of bizarre encounters. The poetry of street children. Between poverty and sumptuousness. The talismanic garment of a secret society of contemporary chivalry.

Les Enfants Du Béton Amer, Inspiration.

Inspired by the street dress code of the heroes of Japanese cartoonist Taiyou Matsumoto.
When a friend lent me the manga, Tekkonkinkreet, I was immediately fascinated by the street style of the characters, surreal, offbeat, funny.
The influence of sportswear, the tribal and ritual dimension, while being a mix of pop culture. But above all a great poetic force of the universe: sensitive, violent and spiritual. I also find a great melancholy and sweetness in the approach to childhood.
“Each of his series is an opportunity for new experimentation. “It is necessary, I need to create this tension, this handicap in the drawing. It’s a source of motivation,” says the author. But as I work on a new technique, it becomes a little easier for me, then it becomes a habit… and getting bored while drawing is the worst thing that can happen to me. – Taiyo Matsumoto, the mangaka who says no.

Les Enfants Du Béton Amer, Crochet.

Les Enfants Du Béton Amer are my first steps. The crochet pieces are already a major part of my work.
Les Enfants du Béton Amer already contains the seeds of this constant search for experimentation and change, or rather the surrealist variation and dreamlike dimension that clothing has for me. Self-taught, crochet was my way into sewing. My mother gave me my first notions of crochet at the age of 12.

Les Enfants Du Béton Amer, Sourcing.

All the sourcing came from my favorite fabric shop when I was living in Paris: Sacrés Coupons in Montmartre.
In 1983, the first Sacrés Coupons shop was opened at the Marché Saint-Pierre in Paris. At the origin of the shop was its founder, Eliane Paperou, fashion designer, then founder of the coupons shop. She has an immediate understanding of the market, the suppliers and the customers.
One of her motorbikes, Happiness, is the deep feeling I used to get when I would rummage through the bins of fabrics and discover and have the privilege of touching silks by Lacroix or Saint-Laurent. I remember being moved to tears on several occasions. “Her generosity and eternal optimism define her overall principles of happiness. “Let’s live happily” – Eliane PAPEROU”.
This sourcing model is at the origin of my work: diversity, curiosity, surprise, discovery and a sensitive connection to the quality of Haute Couture.

Photography: Tata Christiane
Model(s): Miriam Glinka, Marc, Manu, Mignon
Year: 2007