Poetic Inventory

Season - Autumn Winter 2021-2022
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Poetic Inventory, Inspiration:

Poetic Inventory is inspired by the poetic inventory à la Prévert, French poet of the 20th Century.

Inventaire à la Prévert: “List, heterogeneous enumeration, inventory which apparently has neither head nor tail.”

During these months of confinement and self-reflection, the temptation to enumerate to oneself what we love in a disorganized, organized or anarchic way, in a salutary, nostalgic and poetic way may have touched everyone’s mind. 

In this collection there are some poetic obsessions of our universe, whether in the mix of materials, prints, colors.

While browsing through this thread, I found at random publications, a small text by a blogger writer named Sebastien this little excerpt:

“We have to admit that the destiny of humanity can be suspended, totally dependent on something as insignificant, as derisory as an inventory… a futile list of crops… It’s terrible and at the same time it must put modesty back into our everyday actions and ambitions. Destiny likes to take side paths that cannot be calculated, that is also what makes our human labyrinth, our wandering epic, fascinating.

Obviously poetry, and more precisely surrealism, the OuLiPo, has taken possession of this monument that is the inventory. The inventory in the pen of a Prévert or a Perec revives its primary sense of inventio. List and invention are then brought together with the same poetic intention. There is a force that emerges from this accumulation, from this nonsensical jumble, something absurd that necessarily says something of our time…”.

Poetic Inventory, Sourcing and Production:

A few words about the new fabrics we are introducing in this collection Poetic Inventory:

  • THE PRINTED FABRICS, Poetic Inventory:

– for the fabrics we print with our prints, we have chosen fabrics from the circular textile industry.

We have chosen three types of fabrics from this eco-responsible textile production method from our European supplier based in Holland:

U-circular Peach Jersey is a stretch fabric of medium weight. It is a very comfortable fabric because of the soft texture. This fabric is the softest of the U-circular collection, which has a base of recycled Polyester, also called Rpet. Rpet is the first step towards recycling from PET beverage bottles. They become a recyclable material that can be used to produce new fashion fabrics.

– U-circular Habotai is a lustrous, lightweight plain weave silk fabric. The fabric has the look of a silk fabric but is made of 100% recycled polyester.It has as well a base of recycled Polyester, also called Rpet. Rpet is the first step towards recycling from PET beverage bottles. They become a recyclable material that can be used to produce new fashion fabrics.

– The U-circular Velvet Plaid is made of super soft, high quality recycled polyester. The top is printed with our unique design and the back has a sheepskin look.

  • THE NON PRINTED FABRICS, Poetic Inventory:


The Cupro has a slightly shiny appearance and a fine texture very close to silk. 

The cupro is obtained by chemically treating Cotton Linter. Cotton Linter is actually a waste product of the textile industry, it is the small seeds found in cotton balls that cannot be woven as is, so many manufacturers throw them away. Cupro is an artificial fiber, not synthetic. Although it undergoes a chemical process, Cupro remains a material of vegetable origin composed only of cellulose reworked to give a thread. The cotton linter from which Cupro fibers are extracted is actually a waste product of the textile industry.

The production of Cupro allows the use of these seeds usually considered unusable and therefore discarded. When one knows the ecological impact of cotton cultivation, the idea of optimizing production to the maximum is more than welcome. The other great feature of Cupro is that it is 100% biodegradable. The production is done in closed circuit. The large quantities of water and chemicals used in the production of Cupro are therefore constantly reused until they are completely exhausted. Fluid like polyester, more breathable than cotton, it is also one of the most absorbent materials on the market today. Cupro is also very easy to care for and does not wrinkle easily.


Modal is a type of rayon but made from particularly high-quality cellulose. The fabric has been known to pill less than cotton due to fiber properties and lower surface friction, resistant and strong while maintaining a soft, silky feel. Modal has many qualities. It is very breathable, light, and stronger than viscose. It absorbs 50% more water per unit volume than cotton. Silky to the touch, it has a bleached effect.

We also work with a supplier of unprinted fabrics based on their existing stock.


The knitting of the pullovers and cardigans has been made entirely in Italy, by a small company that has been in existence since 1995, and which allows a quality production in small quantities


Photography: Robert Bartholot
Makeup: Memo Schmage
Model(s): Suse
Location: Berlin
Year: March, 2021