Collector - Pre-Fall 2022
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Pompompadour – Collector Collection – Prefall 2022

Pompompadour is our pre-fall 2022 collector collection we presented in Tokyo, at the Wut Store. Since 2010, we are showing every 6 months a collection of unique pieces in the Wut Store in Tokyo, our collectors.

The Pompompadour collection is based in part on recycling vintage pieces. We used different techniques and approaches to rework them. Up-cycling a endless and joyfull approach full of surprise and discoveries.

Pompompadour and vintage scarves, a classic Tata Christiane

On the one hand we have edited a series of t-shirts made from vintage scarves, or so-called silk squares. The diversity of their prints, their colors as well as sometimes the humor hidden in some of the patterns make us particularly appreciate their reuse.

Since the first steps of Tata Christiane, vintage scarves have offered us an unexpected resource of raw materials where surprise and joy of discovery are mixed.

Another aspect that particularly interests us is the variety of combinations and the play of matching. Indeed, by combining two scarves, it gives a new dimension to each individual print.

Finally, these are unique pieces that fit all kinds of bodies and are unisex.
The smallest of the vintage scarves in our selection have been reworked into oversized, kimono-like maxi dresses that flow over the body with elegance and comfort.

Pompompadour and the embossed crochet

On the other hand this season we have reworked the crochet of vintage knitted sweaters. This crochet approach consists of working in three dimensions using the vintage sweater as a canvas and restructuring in volume and relief the original structure of the piece.

Often these sweaters are from the 80s and 90s and have a wealt h of embroidery, yokes and various decorations. Each piece invites a different intervention which allows to play with the structures, colors and textures of the original piece. Here again, the uniqueness of the approach is the value of the work.

The beret on crochet are also based of upcycled left overs from previous collections, featuring differents crochet motifs.


Pompompadour and all the facets of recycling in creative patchwork

Finally, we have used the technique of recycling fabrics that are the remains of previous collections, with creative patchwork techniques, as for the patchwork tote bags which allows to recycle even the smallest remains.

A large part of the fabrics in this collection comes from deadstocks and coupons that we buy from Parisian stores that have been specializing in coupon sales since years. But we also used some vintage pieces as raw material by deconstructing them and reassembling them into new authentic pieces.

Pompompadour and pop art collage

Pompadour is inspired by the associated images of Madame de Pompadour and Maryline Monroe’s pom, pom, pom, pidou.

In the same way that we combine fabrics, vintage scarves in a collage that creates richness in the imagination. Pompadour is an association of words that play with the same baroque fantasy and sensual femininity. The use of shorts and soccer socks participates in the similar pop art collage of our unique pieces.


Photography: Valquire Veljkovic
Makeup: Yana
Model(s): Clara Schubert
Location: Berlin
Year: 1rst July 2022