Ghost Of The Roaring 20s

Season - Spring Summer 2022
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Ghost Of The Roaring 20s

Ghost Of The Roaring 20s, Inspiration

Ghost Of The Roaring 20s, collection Spring-Summer 2022, echoes an article in Bloomberg, “The 1920s Roared After a Pandemic, and the 2020s Will Try”, which refers to studies by researchers who have drawn parallels between our post-pandemic 2020s and the 1920s.

This article led me to delve into the abundant history of this period and its incredible profusion of art (literature, cinema, dance, popular culture, music, radio, painting, etc.), sports (the diffusion and promotion of sports), politics, economics and society.

“Consumerism and mass culture began to take shape. It is the decade of Art Deco and jazz, of Coco Chanel and Walt Disney, of Gatsby the Magnificent and the Harlem Renaissance. It was “the first truly modern decade,” comments Gene Smiley, a former economic historian at Marquette University [Wisconsin State]. »

The Roaring Twenties were also a great period of women’s liberation with the image of the emancipated woman, the Garçonne, the premises of feminism. And of course on the fashion front the success of Coco Chanel.

“Coco Chanel was one of the first to launch the fashion of short hair, and resolutely opposed to the sophistication advocated by Paul Poiret (who accused Chanel of transforming women into “little undernourished telegraphers”).

Ghost Of The Roaring 20s is according to the mini-series Coco Chanel, she retorted by saying that she did not want women who looked like “slaves escaped from their harem”, referring to the orientalist fashion of the time. Chanel favored a very studied simplicity, practical outfits, such as pajamas, to be worn on the beach as well as in the evening; the first pants, the short pleated skirt, the suit decorated with pockets. A fashion inspired by the sportswear of seaside locations (golf, tennis, beach, boating).

It offers cardigans in jersey knit on short skirts, all topped with a cloche hat. Similarly, the low-waisted evening dresses stopping above the knee, which can be associated with the Charleston dances popular between 1925 and 1935.”  cf.Wikipedia

Ghost Of The Roaring 20s, Sourcing

The fabric for our printed designs were chosen from the circular textile industry. Three types of fabric from this eco-responsible textile production method from our European supplier based in Holland were selected. House of U works with GRS-certified fabrics.

For Ghost Of The Roaring 20s,  we use this 3 quality of fabrics:

U-circular Crepe de Chine is a famously versatile fabric. The fabric has a subtle texture, as well as a surprisingly light weight and truly excellent drape. Crepe de Chine is one of the most durable polyesters and is found to be exceedingly even and uniform in texture.

Ecovero Challis is a woven fabric with a light weight. The fabric is very soft and made of 100% Ecovero. Ecovero fibers are derived from sustainable wood and pulp, coming from certified and controlled sources. Soft to the skin, smooth to the touch, luxurious in shine and flow—they caress the senses.

U-circular Silk is a woven fabric with a light weight. The fabric has a beautiful shine and is made of 100% recycled polyester. U-circular is the new collection from House of U which has a base of recycled Polyester, also called Rpet. Rpet is the first step towards recycling from PET beverage bottles. They become a recyclable material that can be used to produce new fashion fabrics.

  • For the other Fabrics

We are working with suppliers of fabric based on their existing stock.

Photography: Kaska Jankiewicz
Makeup: Memo Schmage
Model(s): Clara Markfort represented by Tfmberlin
Location: Element Neukölln, Berlin
Year: September 2021