Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021

Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021 TAUKO MEETS TATA CHRISTIANE

Where: KONK Berlin, Kleine Hamburger Str.15, Berlin 10117

Date: 07.-11. SEPTEMBER 2021

Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021


07.09.2021 from 17.00 – open end: Opening,

Mila Moisio von TAUKO and Julie Bourgeois von TATA CHRISTIANE will present their Collections Archive and Stock-sale.

17.00 -19.00 : “Beertasting” with actor and sommelier Karsten Morschett “supervised drinking with Biersommelier Berlin”.

11.09.2021 from 17.00 – open end: : Finnisage

Programm: Tasting/ Live Music

Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021

About Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021 Event at KONK

During Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021 we will contrast 2 berlin based fashion labels at KONK, which couldn’t be more different in their aesthetics and yet have a lot in common in their approach.

We will show two different spectrums of recycling/upcycling fashion between minimalist and eccentric approach from Berlin.

The use of industrial textiles from health care facilities (TAUKO) and the handcrafted processing of “leftovers from previous collections”(TATA CHRISTIANE) form the basis of the collections.

In this way, individual pieces and high-quality fashion suitable for everyday use are created in a unique and special way that is fun to wear and emphasises the wearer’s individuality.

During Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021 , both labels will present an overview of the past years and we will host a stock/archivesale with fantastic offers.

Berlin Fashion Week

About Berlin Fashion Week 7.11.2021

Berlin Fashion Week (Berliner Modewoche) is a fashion week held twice annually  in Berlin, Germany. Since its establishment in July 2007 it has gained great international attention for its many creative young designers who are flourishing in the fashion capital of Berlin.

Berlin Fashion Week 7-11-2021

Photography: Kaska Jankiewicz
Location: Konk, Kleine Hamburger Str. 15, 10117 Berlin
Year: September 7th 2021