Unique Pieces Resort 2022

Unique Pieces Resort 2022 In Tokyo

As every season, we ll present the new collection of unique pieces resort 2022 to one of our favorite store in Japan, Wut.

Unique pieces are one of a kind. It follows a zero waste philosophy and ethic of fashion, by up-cycling all left overs from the collections and by mixing smalls coupons or vintage fabrics. A circular production completely made in our studio in Berlin.

The vision of the label is also to give people the opportunity to express their deep personality and spontaneity. Not only a transcript of constant day dreaming, but also a willingness to push the internal boundaries. Furthermore a look inside us, a search of freedom, freedom in creation and in being in the world.

In essence, a constant and relentless exploration of the imagination to enter a dialogue with the people and the world. “Fashion is art – it has to touch, wake up our real selves. It’s more than just clothes, it’s emotional and handcrafted.

Sustainability in fashion and quality achieved by craft, handmade work in the family-business-model and small regional production.

Unique Pieces Resort 2022 from the 11.01.2022 in WUT Store

WUT (‘wut’ means ‘rage’ or ‘anger’ in German) is the world-famous concept store stocking trophy pieces by the world’s coolest creatives.

WUT’s creative director and head buyer, Yann Le Goec is responsible for curating its pioneering mix of fashion. For the past years he has been scouring the globe for stand-out, rare goodies from the world’s most off-beat artisans.

WUT’s mission is to inject a pioneering dose of insanely hip esprit into Tokyo’s fashion scene.

Based in Shinjuku, Wut Store is in the famous Commercial Center, Lumine, Wut Store is an highly recommended  select Shop . 

Unique Pieces Resort 2022 will be launched on the 11 January with the new collection of Grounds – Official Sneakers.

Unique Pieces Resort 2022

Photography: Valquire Veljkovic
Model(s): Alexia
Location: Berlin
Fitzroy Club
Year: 11.01.2022