L'Enfant Azur: Between Neuroatypia, Inclusion, and Artistic Creation

L’Enfant Azur: Between Neuroatypia, Inclusion, and Artistic Creation

Embark on a transformative journey with Amandine Habib, Artistic Director of Compagnie Nine Spirit, as she explores the realms of creativity, motherhood and neuroatypical inclusion. Witness the genesis of "L'Enfant Azur", an inclusive show conceived by Amandine to dismantle societal barriers through art, highlighting experiences on the autism spectrum. Discover the profound impact of storytelling, collaboration and acceptance in this intimate and heartfelt tale. Journey alongside Amandine, the driving force behind the Piano en Fleurs festival, as she celebrates the resilience and creativity of "L'Enfant Azur". This testament to a pianist and mother's commitment to inclusion invites you to discover the magic of shared stories and collaborative projects, where Amandine's unique perspective lights the way to a more compassionate and inclusive world.