CLOTHESfriends welcome Tata Christiane

We are happy to annouce our collaboration with the APP CLOTHESfriends! Since Mai 2022, you can find 6 hand made unique pieces  and 2 pieces from our print edition from Tata Christiane.

CLOTHESfriends, what is it?

CLOTHESfriends CLOTHESfriends is the Fashion Rental App for renting and leasing clothes.

The fashion tech start-up aims to enable people to consume fashion sustainably without compromise and to monetize already existing clothing and accessories through the circular economy approach.

Fashion brands as well as private users are given the opportunity to offer their products for rent, hire or purchase in a closed loop via the digital marketplace.

CLOTHESfriends, how it works?


Be inspired by trends or search for a specific category: In the CLOTHESfriends app, users can find a large selection of products from private individuals and fashion brands for rent. With just a few clicks, favorite pieces can be reserved for a period of up to one month and received via local hub pickup or classic mail delivery.
Fashion Rental is perfect for trying out trends, unique styles for special occasions or to refresh your everyday basic wardrobe. For each rental, the CO2 calculator shows how many emissions were saved by deciding against a new purchase. This doubly motivates people to rent more often and illustrates CLOTHESfriends’ mission to raise awareness for sustainable and conscious fashion consumption among consumers – by putting it into practice directly.



Private renters can rent out their own clothes and accessories in the community and earn money. CLOTHESfriends for Brands also offers a straightforward rental and resale service that allows brands to bring their products or unused stock into the loop. The presence in the app as well as the integration in marketing measures of CLOTHESfriends enables fashion companies an additional sales channel – and at the same time positions them as pioneers in the rapidly growing re-sale and rental market. CLOTHESfriends thus provides the answer to the growing demand for sustainable, conscious and at the same time stylish fashion consumption by young consumers, especially Gen Z, and enables fashion companies to reach new target groups.


The rent-to-own feature allows users to buy selected products during the rental period. This not only increases the appreciation of textiles, but also encourages conscious fashion consumption. The landlords determine whether and at what price a product is for sale.

CLOTHESfriends, Why?


The fashion industry emits as many greenhouse gases per year as Germany, France and the UK combined (McKinsey, “Fashion on Climate,” 2020). To counter this massive pollution, measures are being implemented across the industry, innovative materials are being developed, and new legislation such as the Supply Chain Act is being discussed – but long-term sustainable change in the fashion industry can only be achieved if sustainability is considered at every stage of the value chain. This applies in particular to consumption. CLOTHESfriends steers this in a circular direction by renting and leasing clothing. One in which owning plays a subordinate role and enables access to sustainable consumption for a broad measure.

The fact that every German buys an average of 60 new garments a year, but wears almost half of them only up to twice, highlights the enormous potential in consumer behavior (Greenpeace, “Consumption collapse through fast fashion,” 2017). At the same time, the production of new clothing is associated with enormous emissions that cannot be reconciled with its short useful life. Let alone with the 2.1 billion tons of waste generated annually from disposed clothing and the textile industry (SRF, “Die Modeindustrie und ihr Problem mit der Nachhaltigkeit,” 2019).

In addition to education, it is alternatives that enable consumers to be more conscious and consume fewer new things. According to research by Kearny, consumer behavior is increasingly evolving to “dress not only fashionably, but also in an ethical and sustainable way” (Kearny, “Can Circularity Save the Fashion Industry?“, 2020). What do we see the opportunity in? With CLOTHESfriends, you keep your basic wardrobe at home and rent those trends and outfits you’re in the mood for. As long as you feel like it. Available at any time via the app.

Year: Mai 2022