Creative Christmas Jumpers

Creative Christmas Jumpers by Tata Christiane

These Creative Christmas Jumpers are a mini collection made from recycled mohair sweaters. Freely inspired by the Christmas decorations and baubles, of which the German Christmas traditions gives very beautiful examples.

This mini order was made by Wut store, in Tokyo and Creative Christmas Jumpers will be presented in December in the store at the Lumine Est Center in Tokyo.

Creative Christmas Jumpers: a bit of history and inspiration

In Fact  and originally it is in 1521 that the first written mention of a Christmas tree is recorded in a municipal register of the city of Selestat in Alsace. As early as the 16th century, Christmas trees were decorated in Germany with flowers and fruits, especially apples.

“The ancestor of the Christmas bauble appeared in the 19th century: a decorative blown glass ball, called a Kugel, usually used to “spot evil spirits”, was refined and joined the other decorations usually hung on trees in the 1830s.

There are also Christmas ornaments made of plastic, wood, paper mache, polystyrene or even sequins. New baubles rather high tech are appearing on the market.”

Creative Christmas Jumpers: hand craft and upcycling

This mini collection of Creative Christmas Jumpers is a vision in clothing of Christmas ornaments very baroque and full of textures alternating the shine of sequins, the moiré of satin and the softness of wool and mohair.

Incorporating crochet applications and handmade pompoms, these sweaters are full of surprises to the eye and to the touch. Some of the interventions are also reminiscent of Christmas garlands.

The technique of recycling has also naturally imposed itself because every winter new and numerous Christmas sweaters appear on the mass production market. On this occasion I would like to encourage you to rent your Christmas tree this year.

“A replantable tree is the most sustainable option. Last year, 97% of WunderTrees survived Christmas to be planted out in the forest—the lives of cut trees end in January when they’re thrown in the bin (or on Berlin’s streets).”

But many sweaters are also hand knitted in an artisanal way. This series of Creative Christmas Jumpers from Tata Christiane are therefore our handmade and recycled reinterpretation of the Christmas Jumpers respecting the festive and flamboyant decoration dimension, a poetic adaptation that gives pride of place to imagination and enchantment.

merry Christmas!

Charlie Brown, depressed by the commercialism of Christmas and because he doesn’t get any Christmas cards, becomes the director of the gang’s Christmas pageant. Can he overcome his gang’s preference for dancing instead of acting, find a good Christmas tree, and the true meaning of Christmas?”

Photography: Tata Christiane
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 1rst December-24th December 2022