Wool For Future 22

Wool For Future 22 – The Event Week – 17.11-1.12.2022

This year Again Gaëlle Martin is curating and organizing an event – workshop, discussion, pop up store – around Wool, Wool For Future 22!

Wool, as a renewable resource, is also the most reused and recyclable fibre on the planet. It is natural, renewable and biodegradable. It is breathable, indestructible and elastic. Wool jumpers uses a whopping 18% less energy than polyester and 70% less water than cotton.

That’s reason enough for us to dedicate 10 days to the fibre to enjoy, learn and discover during Wool For Future 22. What is the future of wool? How can wool be an answer to a more sustainable development for the fashion industry & consumption?

Wool For Future 22 & Platte

Join us at Wool for Future 22, where we’ll be hosting a pop-up store during our theme weeks. The focus will be on DIY, upcycling and knitting with wool.

The event will include panel talks, workshops and an extensive program for you to learn about this precious fiber.

On 17.11.2022 our pop-up store event will start with a window installation by: INGRATO x We Are Knitters.

Designer pieces by Ingrato, Pauluschkaa, Claudia Skoda, Tata Christiane, Lotre Studio, ufo.project, Kai Gerhard, Esther Marie Anton, Studio Kelpis, Color is Power and Auf Augenhöhe will be presented and sold.

PLATTE.Berlin is an incredible multi-disciplinary and multi-exchange place in the hearth of Berlin!

” Loud and full of life. Amplifying the voices and work of communities shaping the city’s cultural offering and output, PLATTE.Berlin fosters a network of like-minded individuals that make Berlin what it is”

Located just at the corner of Alexander Platz, and in the bottom on the famous exemple of archetypal Plattenbau, PLATTE. Berlin expresses Berlin’s creative side.

“We advocate fair fashion and an open exchange with local communities, especially the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. We show a different side of fashion that’s limitless rather than limited. Our educational offering supports local designers and drives new thinking whilst facilitating new networks. ”

Gattering a lot of Berlin based designers and initiated by people I work with since long time as Sevil Uguz, Arne Eberle Axel and Leonardo Lodeserto <3 <3 <3. Such a pleasure to continue to work with them over the time <3

Wool For Future 22 & Tata Christiane

Last year we took par t of the event of Wool for future with pieces of upcycled knit art by Cécile Feilchenfeldt. And I did the workshop “Love, care & repair workshop #1 with Tata Christiane”

This was the very first edition of the #lovecareandrepair workshop series. What is special about it? You’ll bring your love-piece to repair – we’ll invite one special and great designer or label from Berlin. ⁠

“Julie from Tata Christiane showed the participants how to create a new chapter of life for beloved items – and how to discover the endless possibilities of artistic hand crocheting.”

This Year at Wool For Future 22 I will present a selection of upcycled vintage pullovers pieces, mix of mohair, wool and I guess acrylique and others material.

Some upcycled pullovers come from the samples I did with Italian manufacture last year for my winter Collection and vintage I get from netherland compagny wolsale vintage.

The selection for Wool For Future 22 is also with some crochet pieces, bags and hats based of fabrics lefts overs. Even If I m not using 100%Wool composition Fabrics, I m approching the topics via different angles I hope you wil enjoy.

and somes bags <3


Photography: Pascal Rohé & Ben Mönks
Location: Platte, Memhardstraße 8, 10178 Berlin
Year: 17. November bis 01. Dezember 2022