Joey Ma in 10 questions

Joey Ma in 10 questions

Joey Ma, Hong Kong Fashion Maven’s Journey

Here is our interview with Joey Ma, a renowned Fashion Icon and Stylist hailing from the vibrant streets of Hong Kong.

Joey Ma has played a pivotal role in the evolution of Tata Christiane. It all began in 2010 when I had the pleasure of meeting Yann Le Goec, the buyer for Wut Berlin, a concept store in Tokyo. He graciously extended an invitation for me to showcase my unique collection in his store in Omotesandō the following month. This opportunity was surreal for me, to be honest, and our collaboration has endured for over a decade now.

Among Yann‘s loyal customers was Joey Ma. From the outset, Joey demonstrated a keen interest in and support for Tata Christiane, incorporating our pieces into his distinctive style. Through his blog, I had the privilege of witnessing how he artfully combined my designs with those of his other favorite designers, Vivienne Westwood, Worlds End by Westwood, Comme des Garçons, . Joey’s posts served as a source of inspiration, giving me the confidence to explore my creativity without hesitation. Knowing that vibrant figures like Joey were embracing and showcasing my creations with love and panache in Tokyo and Hong Kong filled me with immense joy and motivation.

Dives into his journey showcasing his evolution from a passion ignited in Los Angeles to becoming a pioneer in the fashion landscape in Hong Kong. It covers his adaptation to changing media platforms, his advocacy for genderless fashion and sustainability, and his unique blend of cultural influences from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Joey’s love for urban styling, fusion of traditional and contemporary garments, and advocacy for love and acceptance shine through his work. The interview also highlights his favorite boutiques, affinity for unique designs like Tata Christiane, and spotlight on emerging designers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Overall, it presents Joey Ma as a visionary shaping the fashion scene with his distinctive style narrative and inclusive philosophy.

1. Can you share how your passion for fashion and styling began and what inspired you to become a fashion icon in Hong Kong?

Joey Ma: I started my passion for fashion and styling when I was studying in university back in Los Angeles. During that time, I was really into going to underground punk rock shows. After been to the shows, I started to notice many people were all dressed up to go to shows, so I decided it’s my time to dress up too. Then I discovered Vivienne Westwood and I was madly in love with her clothes and styling. And then I started growing my hair long and trying all different kinds of fashion styling, that’s when I started my real passion for fashion and styling.


2. Your blog, initiated in March 2010, has been a visual storytelling platform. How has this approach evolved over time?

Joey Ma: Back in March 2010, that was a time for many fashion blogs. I just started posting my ootd photos into my blog. And now, 14 years later, social medias are so different. Many people just focus on Instagram and Tiktok to look at fashion photos, videos, and news. I was really into updating my blog for almost 10 years, but now I focus on my Instagram more.

3. In your interview for RESWED, I like particularly what you said “My statement isn’t about wearing women’s clothes, it’s about telling everyone that clothes don’t discriminate between the sexes, that you belong, that you feel good in what you’re wearing and that you’re happy enough to wear it.” How happiness is guiding your choice in matter of freedom of how you dress?

Joey Ma: I am so happy you read my interview on Research Wedding! I am so sick of people think I just enjoy wearing female clothes, to me clothes are genderless, that’s why I’ve been loving your clothes ever since from the beginning! As I get older, happiness is everything to me. I feel so comfortable in my skin now so that I truly enjoy wearing everything! I know I can style everything into my own vision and be beautiful! It’s very nice for myself to reach this level of freedom when it comes to dressing up! I just want to wear whatever that makes me feel happy now! I am so grateful to have this inner peace now.

4. Your styling photos regularly feature the streets of Hong Kong! I always find the relationship between your outfits and the landscape very vibrant. How is playing urbanity in your inspiration? Is Hong Kong for you the best playground for your style?

Joey Ma: Hong Kong is truly full of streets that are perfect for fashion photo shoots. I always love metropolitan and urban cities, I think they represent my style the most. I am not a big nature person, and I find my style is usually very fun and colorful with an urban vibe, so the streets in Hong Kong are perfect as the landscape is full of tall buildings with bright street lights, also there are still some old buildings in Hong Kong, so a perfect balance between Chinese and western cultures. I love that uniqueness so much. I think besides Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York City for sure are my favorite playground as well, I can see myself taking tons of photos in these two cities with my fashion styling.

5. What role does your dual culture, Hong Kongese and Tawiwainess, play in your approach to clothing? I find your use of blends of traditional garments very inspiring.

Joey Ma: Hong Kong is more about mixing with local and western style fashion wise: Taiwan fashion sense is more simple and casual. Therefore to me, it’s a perfect balance. Sometimes I can wear very loud and out there, but my Taiwan side will always remind me to wear more comfortable clothes. I am grateful to have these two backgrounds. Taiwan really has a lot of amazing traditional garments and fabrics, always giving me great inspiration on how to style clothes.

6. You expressed a hope for more love and less judgment in the world. How do you see this philosophy reflected in your work as a fashion stylist and influencer?

Joey Ma: I think through my fashion sense and my styling, I want people to feel how brave I am to wear all these pieces out on the streets. I really this genderless fashion styling can be a norm one day. I understand there are many cultures and religions can’t accept this kind of stuff, but come on, life is short and it’s just clothes! I am not harming anyone and breaking the laws by wearing different kinds of clothes, in fact, I put more beautiful outfits out to make the world a more beautiful place both inside and outside. Being brave and looking amazing, more love and less judgements.

7. As a fashion icon, how do you use your platform to contribute to discussions about sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry?

Joey Ma: As nowadays, the economy is very bad especially in Hong Kong. People are not willing to spend much on fashion which is totally understable. But fashion will always sustain because we all need to wear clothes when we go out on the streets. So lately, I just want to educate people that you don’t need to wear expensive stuff to be fashionable. There are so many options nowadays to shop for a great deal, I personally have always been supporting the vintage market, flea market, etc. I know there are many people who just can’t accept used items, but I really want to encourage people to shop for second hand clothes and used items, that’s what I have been pushing lately. It’s always so nice to see you using vintage fabrics to make your collection, another reason why I love your design so much.

8. I met you through Wut boutique and its buyer Yann Le Goec in Tokyo. What are your favorite boutiques in Hong Kong, Tawain and Tokyo?

Joey Ma: In Hong Kong, I love a brand called Microwave, they have a workshop space in Hong Kong, and they also have a showroom in Tokyo now, I am so proud of them. In Taiwan, I love a boutique called RAMON, and in Tokyo, I always love Wut, and just by walking around Shimokitazawa area all day just makes me so happy, there are at least ten vintage clothing stores there that I love!

9. In your styling you feature very often Tata Christiane unique pieces. Thank you very much for this honor! How would you describe the place of Tata Christiane pieces in your wardrobe?

Joey Ma: Tata Christiane remains a very important part of my wardrobe because I just can’t find any other brands that do this kind of amazing unique collection in this world! All the Tata Christiane unique pieces are just so special to me. they always make me so happy just by looking at them, so can you guys imagine how happy I am when I actually wear them haha? I always wear them for special occasions or when I am in a celebration mode, they are clothes that are full of positive vibes, I am just so glad I got to you meet in person too, thank you so much for your amazing work and your creativity. I truly appreciate them a lot.

10. I saw on your instagram that you visited the exhibition “The Love of Couture: Artisanship in Fashion Beyond Time” in K11 MUSEA, in collaboration with the V&A and designed by revered Hong Kong Production Designer William Chang Suk Ping! Could you please share with us some your favorite designers from Hong Kong and Taiwan?

Joey Ma: A Hong Kong fashion brand that I absolutely love is called Kowloon City Boy! Please go check them out! Another Hong Kong fashion brand that I adore is called, full of gender fluid pieces. And my favorite Taiwan designer brand is called HANKAO, he is specially in making leather goods, very high quality and full of amazing details. Another Taiwan designer that I love is called BOB Jian, he makes amazing genderless clothes with lots of extravaganza detailings.

Photography: Joey Ma
Model(s): Joey Ma
Location: Hong Kong
Year: Joey Ma, Hong Kong Fashion Maven's Journey