Here Are Berlin’s Top 27 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Here Are Berlin’s Top 27 Sustainable Fashion Brands, by Liam J. Kelly.

Stay öko in any season, with the German capital playing host to an eclectic mix of labels keeping one eye on the planet and another on the runway.
Few European capitals are teaming with as many sustainable brands as Berlin.

From fresh denim to cosy cotton, there’s a label here for everyone – just so long as they’re in town.

Brands made the list’s cut by meeting several key criteria. First and foremost, they’re either Berlin-based or producing out of the city. Per Se, for example, began in 2018 in Hamburg but now calls Berlin home.

Second, it’s got to be green.

In high times of fast fashion, sustainability is making a comeback. But it still needs a nudge. Shedding light on labels working hard to ensure their supply chain, materials, and manufacturing practices all have the environment in mind is another rule for this list.

And that’s pretty much it. Keep it local and keep it ökological.

Without further ado, here are Berlin’s top 22 sustainable fashion brands.

The top 27 sustainable fashion brands in Berlin…

Clash of Colors, the Audacious

Rianna + Nina

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

One-of-a-kind Coat Classic Reversible Wool” by RIANNA + NINA.

Address: Torstraße 109, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€€

Don’t let the luxury price point fool you. RIANNA + NINA have a rich history working with vintage textiles, reimagining them into colourful bouquets of robes, kimonos, and even swimsuits.

The brand’s latest one-of-a-kind collection takes American tablecloths from the 1960s and weaves them together seamlessly with Japanese Obis – a variety of sash – to create internationally inspired ensembles. The best part? The pieces are assembled and designed right here in Berlin.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to travel far to dress sensibly (and sustainably!).


Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Romantic Shirt Dress Henri Rousseau” by Remesalt.

Address: Steinstraße 26, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Remesalt’s eclectic mix of classics, streetwear, and even formal dress wear is cut straight from a roll of pure Berlin. The pieces are made to order and for any gender. That means that as soon as you supply your measurements, the team on Steinstraße gets to work.

It also collaborates with a small production outfit in Poland to make sure they can meet Berliners’ demand for unique, hand-crafted pieces. The sustainable brand’s e-shop features a wide selection of offerings, but if you have a vision for something wholly original, Remesalt is there to assist too.



Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Artdeco cupro shirt” by Yahmo

Address: Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

All those small fibres that fall away from sheared cotton and don’t make it into your favourite sweater or t-shirt actually have a name. It’s called cupro, or regenerated cellulose.It’s made using cotton waste and plays a large role in the manufacturing practices of the sustainable Berlin brand Yahmo.

The brand also uses Tencel and even Sofa Fabrics to produce its highly colourful kimonos, shirts, skirts, and more. Many of these materials are sourced from the fast-fashion epicentre in Mumbai. And that’s also why the brand’s founders also set up a production outfit here too. Critically, the small family tailor that assists with Yahmo’s sustainable endeavours are working in a safe and friendly environment and are paid more than a living wage.



Tata Christiane

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

From the “Romantic Comedie Closet, Autumn Winter 2023” collection.

Address: Am Stadtpark 2-3, 10367 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Colourful prints, thick crochet, and a one-way ticket through a dreamy universe. Tata Christiane’s deconstructed couture reminds us of playing dress-up when we were younger, experimenting with garments and following our imagination. What was once a dress is now a crocheted vest; several berets a shirt. Found items and discarded textiles of this sustainable Berlin brand are part and parcel of the creative process.

The unique football jersey collection, for instance, merges old-school Ajax and AC Milan jerseys with end frills from dresses. The end result is a playful reminder that the world’s greatest game is still just a game after all.

It’s upcycling on acid. Enjoy the ride.



Therapy Upcycled

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion BrandsFrom the “Winter 2023” collection by Therapy Berlin.

Address: Hallesches Ufer 28, 10963 Berlin, Germany


Part activism, part sustainable brand, Therapy Upcycled pulls no punches in taking aim at the world of fast fashion.

This goes beyond reminding buyers that heavyweight brands are cutting corners ecologically but that they’re also quick to scoop up the work of any up-and-coming designers. “Fast fashion brands plagiarise new and independent designers,” writes the Berlin-based brand.

Therapy Upcycled, unlike the mainstream fashion world, works to expand the aperture of what beauty is. The label is also bound by form, producing collections based exclusively on the materials found and at hand. Like poetry written in form, surprises abound.



Hund Hund

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands“Henno Shirt: Honey Swirl Viscose” by HUNDHUND

Address: Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Every piece designed and produced by HUNDHUND comes with a rather longer price tag. That’s because the duo behind the Berlin brand – Isabel Kücke and Rohan Hoole – want you to understand exactly what you’re buying.

It might be more expensive than H&M, but that megabrand is likely cutting corners on appropriate labor practices, ecological considerations, and on and on. You’ll never see that in their price tag, of course.

Instead, HUNDHUND’s price tags will tell a story of how the brand has chosen to exclude India from its manufacturing chain and how the two personally travel to Italy to sift through the hills of textiles tossed out by many luxury fashion houses.

From studio to hanger, HUNDHUND wants its community to learn first-hand how fast fashion isn’t mandatory.



Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Lange Strickjacke Nordic Wrapper” by Blutgeschwister.

Address: Kreuzbergstrasse 28, 10965 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

As fair as possible while keeping you looking posh. That’s what Blutgeschwister aims for with its sustainable aims, ranging from eco-friendly fabrics to equitable manufacturing practices.

The team has been awarded a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate for their efforts. Brands earn the label for consistently sustainable practices throughout their work.

The certificate hasn’t hemmed them in from continuing to manufacture articles such as rain- and sportswear either. Typically high in polyester, Blutsgeschwister revives older materials for their outdoor collections.


Timeless Classics — With a Twist

Daniel Kroh

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

From the collection “I’m not the one I used to be” by Daniel Kroh.

Address: Osloer Str. 16, 13359 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

It doesn’t get much more sustainable than Daniel Kroh. The Berlin-based designer began in 2006 by reusing CWS workwear materials and has never looked back. The workwear company delivers nearly five tons of industrial-grade textiles, which he turns into select collections, theatre costumes and production studios.

He and the graphic designer Fidel Peugeot have also launched a joint project called the Ministry of Upcycling.

The duo launched their first collection in spring 2022, printing Peugeot’s colourful designs on upcycled, oversized sweatshirts. Garments used are washed before delivered, and should they need any extra love to stitch a hole here or there, that’s taken care of by the Ministry.

Kroh sells upcycled tote bags, jackets, and vests as one-off items per his online shop.



Natascha von Hirschausen

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

2nd Love of Unisex Pants” by Natascha von Hirschausen

Address: Friedrichstraße 67, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Natascha von Hirschhausen won the German Federal Award for Ecodesign for her classic cuts, timeless garments, and, of course, maintaining the highest standards for sustainable fashion. NVH has broken the process down into several key components.

First, the Berlin-based brand produces all of its garments in the German capital. Designs are executed in the studio on Friederichstraße, and the pieces are manufactured elsewhere in the city. The textiles that complete the designs are all organic and plastic-free.

NVH says that its supply chain – from source to city – is audited annually, too. Finally, NVH boasts a “Zero-Waste Design,” which reduces the amount of textile lost to cutting by 95% compared to the fast fashion industry.




Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Shirt JWALA” by Jyoti.

Address: Oderberger Straße 42, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Jyoti is no stranger to slow fashion, boasting a long history of sustainable practices. Though their production is based in India and Peru – relatively far from continental Europe – the brand works closely with several non-governmental organisations, offering fair and full employment to all members of its supply chain.

Notably, the brand has launched Jyoti-Circular for customers who are, for one reason or another, finished with a garment. They can return the article to Jyoti, who will then work to repair and mend it and then resell it in its store as a second-hand item.





Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Juliette Marie Blazer” by IVY OAK

Address: Monbijouplatz 4, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

IVY & OAK is on a mission to bring clients high-quality garments meant to be worn for a lifetime. Each item also comes with a detailed care guide so that that old cardigan can be passed down from generation to generation. The Berlin-based brand gets away from the city’s urban and house vibe, offering up classic dresses, jackets, pullovers and more.

This sustainable brand also ensures that its operations, be it local or overseas, are all carbon-neutral. This also means any prototypes or remaining stock from a collection are getting put back to good use. IVY & OAK says it knows all of its fabric suppliers, something that most fast fashion brands can’t say, and develops these relationships with the long-term in mind.

No matter if it’s in China, Bulgari, or Turkey, these suppliers have all signed a code of conduct policy to ensure that the highest labour standards are maintained.


UVR Berlin

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion BrandsSweatshirt Svenino” by UVR Berlin

Address: Dresdener Straße 36 a, 10179 Berlin, Germany


UVR is perhaps the largest brand on this list. That’s because the Berlin brand is tapping other high-quality European labels that align with its philosophy.

Born in 1992, UVR was erected on a farm in Uckermark – just south of Brandenburg — just as the wall fell, hatching in a place of openness and connection between communities. The conditions at this time and in this place could only be understood as sustainable by virtue of the limited resources and tooling.

The popular styles, cuts, and garments on offer remind us of KaDeWe – there is, of course, a marked absence of fast fashion. Shopaholics are welcome to their vice, guilt-free.



Denims Reinvented

Fade Out Label

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands“REVERSE COMMEDIA Trousers” by Fade Out Label

Address: Herzbergstraße 55, 10356 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Fade Out is one of the better-known sustainable fashion labels in the German capital. And for good reason. The brand pays no mind to traditional cuts, fits, and sizes, opting instead for upcycled garments for all ages, sizes, and genders.

No matter who you are, Fade Out has got something extra cosy and extra original just for you.

Perusing their collections, you’ll see a heavy – yet tasteful – reuse of denim and industrial neon fabrics. It’s reminiscent of the city in which the brand was founded. The pieces are like a slice of Berlin itself.


Dawn Denim

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

MORNING Regular Straight Low Stretch – Classic – Medium Blue” by Dawn Denim.

Address: Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Just jeans, but with a supreme focus on sustainability. That’s the heart of Dawn Denim’s mission. From using 72% less water and 0% harmful chemicals, the Berlin-based brand is whipping up your next favourite pair of jeans. And beyond just eliminating wasteful practices and removing nocive compounds, Dawn Denim also has an eye on where it sources its labour.

Meeting fast fashion’s demands often means cutting corners, which can often mean horrific conditions for workers. The founders established a factory in Vietnam for its production, ensuring that everyone working there earns a real, living wage.

Wholesome Essentials

Merz B. Schwanen

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

343Z Men’s Loopwheeled Sweatshirt, 12oz, Relaxed Fit” by Merz b. Schwannen

Address: Rosenthaler Straße 34/35, 10178 Berlin, Germany


Sustainable Berlin-based label Merz B. Schwanen isn’t reinventing the wheel. And that’s a good thing.

Everyone needs shirts, pants, sweaters and so on, so why not make those basic essentials as long-lasting as possible? It combines timeless design with high-quality recyclable materials to produce key staples for any wardrobe. Schwanen’s Good Originals line is produced in Germany, while it’s Good Basics line is made in Portugal.

Importantly, the wool used for the brand’s merino wool garments also avoids any wool gathered from sheep using the mulesing method. We won’t get into the precise details of how painful this treatment is for sheep, but trust us when we say avoiding all things mulesing means happier animals and, by extension, happier people.


Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

The Jacket” by MOOT.

Address: Juliusstraße 64, 12051 Berlin, Germany


Moot, or Made Out of Trash, is a sustainable Berlin fashion label that works closely with a variety of associations in the German capital to give new life to old trash – or garments, rather. Its fleece sweaters and coats were once fleece blankets; MOOT’s shirts, dresses, and tang tops were once bed sheets.

The upcycling label has partnered with the Deutsche Kleiderstiftung, TEXTRADE GmbH Bremerhaven, Quakenbrück and the Berliner Stadtmission to source the textiles. Those garments are then renewed in different studios around the city.

That doesn’t mean that MOOT’s trash isn’t pricey. But with that additional cost, the founders have neatly outlayed what its clients are paying for and, importantly, unlike many fast fashion brands, what they aren’t paying for.


Honest Basics

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Chunk Cardigan – Black” by Honest Basics

Address: Straße der Pariser Kommune 39, 10243 Berlin,


“Sustainability is a journey, and we are not yet at our destination,” reads Honest Basics’ about page. Something of the antithesis to fast fashion brands like Uniqlo and H&M, the Berlin-based brand wants to make sure the simple things as green as possible.

From tube socks, baggy hoodies, and sleeveless t-shirts, Honest Basics prides itself on keeping your wardrobe stocked with the essentials – minus the soul-crushing dread that your fashion addiction is killing the planet.

Aurelia Paumelle

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Jacquard Sweater” by Aurelia Paumelle.

Address: Schliemannstraße 14a, 10437 Berlin,Germany

Price: €€

Bombers, timeless classics, and in-house workshops are the bread and butter of Berlin-based designer Aurelia Paumelle. The brand draws from the designer’s extensive experience in ateliers, including Yves St Laurent and Balenciaga, to produce garments meant to be worn day or night.

Unpretentious and high-quality, Aurelia Paumelle reuses European end-of-stock fabrics to create her collections.

She also offers workshops and one-off customisations for folks looking to try a bit of tailoring – or simply patch that hole in your favourite jacket.


Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

2-in-1 Kleid” by Kolla Berlin.

Address: Bürkenstraße 11, 12047 Berlin, Germany


Beyond fast fashion’s ecological downsides, printing clothes for the masses often means different shapes and forms get missed out. Kolla.Berlin – formerly Kollateralschaden – has solved both problems. It’s “Made in Berlin” and “Made to Order” for people of all sizes and styles.

This also means that the atelier’s founders, Philippe Werhahn and Dennis Pahl, don’t have seasonal collections. Instead, they design, cut, and fit clothes until the textile rolls are empty.

Design-wise, Kolla has a few tricks up its sleeve. Many of the shirts and sweaters, for instance, have a unique cut around the arms. That’s because they’re made using the legs of trousers. The concept? Maximum comfort and movement.

Corvera Vargas

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Cropped Military Blazer in Black Wool Suiting ‘NL’” by CVW Studio.

Address: Pflügerstraße 70, 12047 Berlin, Germany


A beautiful garment, made with love, can go far beyond being simply a garment. It can be an extension of your identity, something CVW Studio has a rich appreciation for. The duo – founded by Maria Corvera Vargas in 2013 and later joined by Abbey Walker – works in small batches to produce upcycled garments for all sizes.

Portions of the production are executed in Poland, notably by the independent Firma Model based in Toruń. Anyone can swing by their studio in Berlin to minor alterations or even bespoke pieces made from the sustainable label’s jersey collection.



Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands


“Unisex sweater” by Oktopulli

Address: Mittenwalderstraße 57, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Speaking and promoting the so-called circular economy is one thing. Living it is an entirely different beast. That’s why Oktopulli is pushing for real change beyond its endless line of delightful “Pullis” (or sweaters for the anglophones among us. The company’s structure is unique and follows three key tenets.

Decisions within Oktopulli – which seamstresses to work with and where to source materials – are all made by the individuals who work at the company. Second, the company cannot be sold for a profit. Unlike apartments in Berlin, this sustainable fashion label isn’t a commodity to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. And finally, any shareholders in Oktopulli cannot withdraw any profits from the company.

This specific constellation of a company, though, doesn’t formally exist. Part of the task of Carla Reuter, a co-founder, is to campaign for a new form of “steward-ownership” company in Germany, something defined as critical to a more socially conscientious economy.

KOLO Berlin

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands“Kleid X aus Lyocell Tencel ” by KOLO Berlin

Address: Selchower Straße 31, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Price: €€

Sober streetwear made on a limited basis. That’s the vision behind KOLO Berlin.

Founded by designer and architect Aigerim Usabave, KOLO is minimalist in its production and aesthetic appeal. Instead of large collections for all four seasons, this sustainable brand tactfully expands an ever-changing basics collection.

This allows for high-quality materials like GOTS-certified organic cotton as well as textiles produced under socially acceptable conditions. No cheap labour here.



Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

“Kleid Klar aus Bio GOTS Interlock Jacquard” by Chapati

Address: Storkower Straße 129, 10407 Berlin, Germany


Bored of high fashion’s obsession with black? Chapati has got you covered with its contrasting patterns and colourful blouses, sweaters, and overalls.

The Berlin brand has also set up a bespoke facility called Saran Exports to ensure that its garments are SEDEX-approved (a sustainable supply chain certification) and GOTS-certified. The textiles sourced for the brand’s garments include Mulesing-free merino wool, organic cotton, and eco-viscose.

Viscose is a relatively pervasive and seemingly harmless material in the fashion industry. It’s drawn from trees and used as an alternative to polyester. Unfortunately, due to its high use, the manufacturing processes needed to extract and render it useful for garments are extremely energy-intensive. Chapati skips this whole network completely, opting for smaller-scale alternatives.

Odds and Ends


Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

“Cherry Blossom String Set” by Anekdot

Address: Berlin-Kreuzberg within Velt Studio

Price: €€

Upcycling can be sexy, very sexy. Anekdot’s lines of bras, panties, and swimwear take the odds and ends from end-of-production stock using only the highest quality materials. No, you won’t be wearing another person’s undies. Instead, you’ll turn the business end of fast fashion’s ugly side into a lifelong intimate garment.





Stokx Patterns

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands

“Birdy Dress (Summer)” by Stokx Patterns

Address: Steinstraße 26, 10119 Berlin, Germany.


Alongside shopping around the German capital for the top sustainable brands, Stokx Patterns also offers you the chance to spin up your very own collection at home. It’s simple: Buy a pattern for anything from a blouse to a dress or coco top. Then, gather your materials at your local textile outlet (or with Stokx). After that, the world’s your oyster, or rather, sewing needle.



Wald Berlin

Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands


“Pas de Deux Necklace” by Wald Berlin

Price: €€

It’s not just fast fashion that needs to clean up its act. The world of jewellery is also up for reinvention. WALD Berlin takes recycled gold and silver to remake beautiful handcrafted bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Shells and corals also play a star-studded role in these pieces, meaning WALD has even tapped a team of biologists to make sure none of these accessories are also on a protected species list.





Here Are Berlin's Top 22 Sustainable Fashion Brands


Don’t forget the kids! Organic textiles born in Europe, Orbasics has everything you need for rumpus play jams to busy days bopping from kita to Eis stands in the city. The bright colours and vibrant patterns also mean no one’s getting lost in the crowd.







Here Are Berlin's Top 27 Sustainable Fashion BrandsLiam J.Kelly is a Berlin-based reporter covering finance, technology and culture.