The Ground x PLATTE

The Ground x PLATTE – Cooperation

Tata Christiane as independent fashion label from Berlin will be part of the interface to recycling and drone art:

In cooperation with CooperCopter a fashion parade from the Siegessäule to The Ground Festival at Premium on July 7th.

Designers are invited  to collect the tarp from the drone-art event of CooperCopter at the Reeperbahnfestival  to transform it into imaginative bags.

With one bag per designer*in a versatile canvas bag recycling collection will be created, presented at the parade, filmed by drones from CC and offered for sale at The Ground Event.

The Ground x PLATTE – Warm up

The PLATTE as a community for creatives and fashion in Berlin makes common cause with Berlin’s newest lifestyle & fashion festival – The Ground.

On 09.06.2022, we’ll let rip with The Ground Team and you in the PLATTE and give a hot foretaste of The Ground Festival!

When: 09.06.22
Entrance: 6 pm – 12 pm
RSVP here till 08.06.22


– Up-cycling Art by Melisa Minca & Haram
– Goodies supported by Vinokilo
– Special: Hot Performance
– Dresscode: Plattetastic
– Music by: DJ JNS, Jewel, Juba

The Ground x PLATTE – Tata Christiane bags!

Up-cycling material is a big part of our practice. For those 2 bags we mixed with some crochet technique to softer the industrial material, tarp.

Here some pictures of the work we did on the bags 🙂

Location: Platte, Memhardstraße 8, 10178 Berlin
Year: 09.06.22 & 07.07.22